Ancient Rome for Third Graders – Unit Plan


A few weeks ago I brainstormed plans for a unit on ancient Rome for third grade. Over the past few weeks I have been working on fleshing out the plan and on incorporating technology into it. Here is a new version of the mind map which represents the final plan.  Image


And here is the link to the unit!  This is the first unit I’ve planned which is not based on children’s literature! Usually I read to the students at the beginning of every lesson, but I’ve found that with power points,  pod casts,  and videos, the students can see much better than when they are all straining to see the pictures of a small book.  Also, I found that this unit requires almost no materials!  Normally, I have my students do a lot of art projects in social studies and I have to gather up loads of craft supplies and paper. This unit is almost paper-free!  Plus, students are learning important technology skills while they learn about ancient Rome.  I can’t wait to use this unit plan!


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