Podcast From Sportscenter Rome!


This is a podcast I made as a sample for students to look at. Their assignment is to create a podcast from one of the ancient sites in Rome – it could be a famous building or someplace like a Roman Villa. Students will work in groups of four to write a script, find pictures, manipulate those pictures, and add audio.


6 thoughts on “Podcast From Sportscenter Rome!

  1. I love your passion for Ancient Rome & Greece. I will definitely know where to turn when I need a resource for this topic. I thought your podcast was wonderful and the kids will love it. I am sure they will recognize your voice immediately and make a connection to the material. Great job!

  2. That was fabulous! What a great way to present it–a really super fun perspective, and I learned a lot, too! Awesome, Mrs. Turner! Loved the referee. Wow, you set the bar high for the rest of us!

  3. Very creative lesson. I like how you had dialogue going back and forth it keeps the learner interested. The sounds and features you added really enhanced your lesson. Wonderful lesson

  4. Wonderful!!!! It turned out better than I imagined when you described this to me. Thank you for your hard work on this. May I use it as an example for next year’s class?

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