I’m Following “Edudemic: Educational Technology Tips for Students and Teachers”


Until about 24 hours ago, I thought integrating technology into the classroom meant making a powerpoint to illustrate a lecture or finding a math game for my students to play to practice a new skill. That is so 5 years ago!  The problem is, now that I know there are other things out there, I don’t know what they are or how to find them. Luckily, I became aware of the blog Edudemic that is filled with ideas, including ways to use social media in a positive way in the classroom!

I printed out a Bloom’s “Padogogy Wheel”  which gives lots of ideas for ipad apps which relate to each section of Bloom’s taxonomy.  This is so exciting because, for a person who knows nothing about ipads, it provides a jumping off point. It organizes apps according to where they would fit in Bloom’s taxonomy so, you can use SonicPpics to apply knowledge or students can use MindMash to analyze ideas. One of the apps that sounds really interesting to me is Bump where you can share content such as music, photos, apps, or social network information by gently bumping your device into another device running the same app. I’m not sure, but I’m wondering if students could take identities from a period in history and create a fictitious social network with this app. I’d love to see Cleopatra’s facebook page!

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